Dining at Owen River Lodge, luxury accommodation for fly fishing vacations
The food at Owen River Lodge could best be described as stunning. Naturally, all the meals are included in our nightly tariff. We use the freshest of local produce, some of which is supplied from the lodge garden. The large lodge garden is tended according to organic principles. This supplies the lodge kitchen with fresh produce every day and is backed up by daily deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in the Nelson region.
Duck for dinner, dining luxury at accommodation for fly fishing vacations
A word from Ryan our Head Chef:
ďLike most Kiwis I travelled overseas for quite some time after university.
I worked as a chef both in the USA and England, before coming back to New Zealand in July 2005. Since then, Iíve cooked at several of Nelsonís leading restaurants. Iím excited to be relocating just up the road from the lodge, and meeting many of our regular guests.Ē

The Nelson/Tasman region has changed from principally a farming community to one where tourism plays a significant part in the local community.
Owen River lodge chef South Island, New Zealand
Murchison is renowned for its trout fishing, tramping, hunting, rafting and white-water kayaking, and visitors come from all over the world.

These days, if you walk down the main street or into the local pub, you're as likely to hear a Swedish, Aussie or American accent as a Kiwi one!
Our cuisine has also evolved, and while nearly everyone really enjoys the classical South Island dishes like roast lamb, it's also fun to surprise them with ideas from Asia and Europe from time to time. Whether the meal is something simple and hearty or more exotic, the secret to great tasting food is fresh ingredients.

At the lodge we have created a large kitchen garden from which we pick our fresh vegetables and herbs. When it comes to seafood, nearby Nelson has a thriving fishing industry, so what they catch on Monday we serve at the lodge on Tuesday!

Whatever the menu, it doesn't hurt that the world-famous Marlborough wine district is just over the hill, so we can be confident our guests are able to enjoy their meal with a nice glass or two of premium quality local wine.
Breakfast is as light or complete as you like it. Choose from fresh fruit salad, our own lodge made muesli/granola (itís made from a secret recipe thatís been handed down by 4 generations of gypsies), fresh yoghurt that we make at the lodge, jams and marmalade – again made at the lodge when our fruit trees provide us with their bounty, and free range eggs from organically fed chickens – cooked any way you like!

Lunch is served either on the river or at the kitchen bar if youíre not fishing, and tends to be a picnic style sandwich or roll served with lodge baked biscuits – itís a real feed, not just a snack.

Breakfast dining at Owen River Lodge, luxury accommodation for fly fishing vacations

Dinner, which is a 3 course affair, is served table d'hŰte style with all guests seated around a communal table.
New Zealand's unique cuisine has grown from a fusion of highly distinct cultures - Māori, Polynesian, Asian and every kind of European. We call the cuisine that emerges from this fusion - Pacifica cuisine.

Enjoy pre dinner nibbles by the bar, sharing the dayís adventures with other guests. Then, after a day walking and fishing, we know youíre going to look forward to a great meal. View a sample menu (185kb-requires Adobe Acrobat)

We cater for you, so please let us know if you have special dietary requirements
Dining at Owen River Lodge, luxury accommodation for fly fishing vacations
Lodge Garden

Our lodge garden, which is grown under organic principles, provides us with some fresh produce for the table each night. At various times of the season our garden produces beans, spring onions, a huge variety of lettuces, tomatoes, snow peas, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, watercress, silverbeet, rhubarb, raspberries, strawberries, apples, grapes & currants. Our herb gardens provide us with some of our own basil, garlic, onions, parsley, sage, thyme, mint, chives, fennel & rosemary.

Food always tastes better when it was growing 30 seconds before being used in the kitchen!


The Nelson/Marlborough area produces world class wines.

Indeed, weíd venture to suggest that the area produces the best Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

Our wine list features wines from local boutique and the internationally recognised vineyards.

Download our wine list here
Guests dining at Owen River Lodge, luxury accommodation for fly fishing vacations
dining at Owen River Lodge, luxury accommodation for fly fishing vacations
Owen River Lodge has a 5 star quality rating from New Zealand tourism quality agency Qualmark
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